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Laufey & Adam Melchor - Love Flew Away Chord Gitar dan Lirik Lagu


Intro : C C7 F Fm C love flew away.. C7 with no room to land F and it made no mistake.. Fm with no legs to stand on Em E it grew its wings right in place F D/F# F we said goodbye.. one last time.. Fm C.. as love.. flew.. away.. C looked in my eyes C7 we only blinked F when we started to cry.. Fm both barely dry Em E when we finally realized F D/F# that we should break the stare F Fm and try not to care as C C7 love flew away.. Reff : F maybe i'll find you Fm in some other life.. Em we won't be heartbroken A half of the time.. F the ocean between us Fm won't be so grand.. Em tired after one more A one night stand.. Dm but you really couldn't stay.. Fm so you watched love fly away.. C holding your hand C7 still feels electric F i'd kiss you but i can't Fm we're all out of breath Em E so we whisper among us F D/F# for the last time today F Fm C A as our.. love flew.. away.. F we said goodbye Fm C as love.. flew.. away..

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